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Our office is located near the corner of Ten Ten and Holly Springs Rd:


8936 Willow Trace Ct. Apex, NC 27539


919 335 3151


Dr. Holloman uses email for issues concerning her classes, webinars, and questions about the website only.  If you are interested in taking her classes, enrolling in a webinar, or have questions about any services provided through this website she would love to hear from you by completing the form below.  If you are interested in becoming a therapy client, she would love to hear from you too; but, please call her and leave a message at  (919) 335 3151 instead of completing the contact form. She strongly prefers that those who wish to become therapy clients contact her by phone.  This is because Email is not completely secure.  Dr. Holloman does not use email for clinical issues (with therapy clients, or with those who wish to become a therapy client) because emails are retained on the logs of internet service providers.  Although, it is unlikely that someone would be looking at these logs, they are available to be read by the system administrators of  the internet service providers.  If you do use email to contact her, despite this request (and you are already a therapy client or wish to become one of her therapy clients) Dr. Holloman will instruct you to call her.  Your email will then become part of your legal record as required by law.  Please be aware, sending an email to Dr. Holloman does not establish a doctor-patient or therapeutic relationship.

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