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What Do I Hope to Create with My Website/Blog?

What do I want my blog to be about?

What do I wish to Create?……

Inspiration, Growth, Happiness

I am 47 years old, married, a psychologist, and the mother of three. I have spent the last 17 years thinking about my husband and my work; but, mostly I have spent these years thinking about my children.  I don’t want this to change entirely, but they are now 16, 14 and 11 and it is time. I am starting to notice they need me less. I am starting to really believe that there will be a time when they have grown up and they are living their own lives…

I have always loved being a Psychologist, but I am

ready for a change in direction.  I am ready to

create the life I want.

I wanted to become a therapist because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I knew I wanted to work with people one on one because that is who I am. I thrive on the connections that I have with others. The best part of my life as a psychologist has been witnessing the most vulnerable, personal, important parts of people’s lives, and the fact that they have trusted me enough to let me do that. I don’t ever want to stop that part of my life, and I think I will always do individual therapy. I can’t imagine my life without having that connection with others.

More and more I have been looking for ways that I

can help people improve the quality of their lives

by focusing on the positive aspects, by focusing on

what is working well for them; and, by helping

them to discover their strengths rather than

always focusing on what is not working.

Solving problems will always be important in life; but, I believe we are much more effective when our focus is on discovering what is right about our lives, what is right about our relationships, and what is right about us. This mindset is more inspiring and more likely to lead to changes we need to improve our lives. It is more likely to lead to more of what we want in our lives, and in the end it will lead to there being less room for what is wrong. I think we are all born to grow and bloom, if given the right conditions…..

I am hoping this website will be one

place in the world that provides the

right conditions………to Grow and to


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