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Third Essential Technique for Organized School Mornings


Third Essential Technique for

Organized School Mornings

Monitoring and Rewarding Following The Plan

Wait!!  I thought you said I shouldn’t be the monitor!! Ooops I guess we have come to one of my many contradictions. Let’s straighten this out. Your child is going to monitor him or herself; however, you will have to check and see that their monitoring did happen at least for a while (e.g. the list has been checked off.) In other words, you still have to monitor their self-monitoring.


Parents often tell me that they have great trouble coming up with ideas for rewards. Keep in mind when thinking about this that the “rewards” do not have to be especially large, nor do they have to be very exciting. They just have to be good enough that the child is motivated to complete their list.

Natural and Logical Rewards

It is always best to use “natural and logical” rewards whenever possible.  This is because “natural and logical” mimics what occurs in real life. Let me help you think of some possibilities.


List of Potential Reinforcers or Rewards

(Remember a reinforcer is simply something that makes it more likely a behavior will occur again)

For some children it will be enough to simply use “Grandma’s Rule” if you do such and such….then you get to such and such (what they want to do)…….

For these children rewards could be as simple as:

  • Getting to choose from a list of their favorite breakfast items versus a “default” item such as something that they are not as excited about… My children did almost anything for waffles!
  • Getting to do something in the car that is special like listen to a certain radio station, play a hand held electronic, play I spy on the way to school, or listen to an audiobook etc…

Other Rewards Might Include:

  • Having a few minutes to do one of their favorite activities before leaving for school or taking it in the car
  • Having you make up a story on the way to school in which they star
  • Being allowed to call Grandma on the way to school
  • Earning points toward a larger reward (if they are young they may need something to bridge the time until they get the larger reward such as earning each letter of the name of the toy until it is completely spelled out) We will talk more about bridging rewards in future blogs.

Coming Next Blog Post:  Important Tips for Using Rewards Effectively to Motivate Children 


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